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With LilyCRM's Payroll module, managing your employees' salaries and generating accurate salary slips has never been easier. You can effortlessly set up payroll, create salary groups, and promptly update employee salaries. Say goodbye to payroll headaches and ensure timely and accurate payments for your workforce.

  • Efficient Payroll Management

  • Automated Salary Slip Generation

  • Simplified Employee Salary Updates

SMS Module

Stay connected with your team and clients seamlessly through LilyCRM's SMS Module. Send instant SMS notifications using integrated gateways like Twilio, Nexmo, and Msg91. Whether it's for important updates, reminders, or alerts, this module ensures that your messages reach recipients promptly, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

  • Instant Communication

  • Seamless SMS Integration

  • Enhanced Connectivity

Zoom Meeting Module

Collaborate effectively with your team and clients regardless of location with LilyCRM's Zoom Meeting Module. This plugin allows you to effortlessly create and initiate Zoom meetings directly within the CRM platform. Enhance communication, foster collaboration, and conduct productive meetings without the hassle of switching between different applications.

  • Remote Collaboration Made Easy

  • Seamless Zoom Integration

  • Enhanced Meeting Efficiency


Simplify and streamline your recruitment process with LilyCRM's Recruitment module. From managing job postings to handling applications and scheduling interviews, this module empowers businesses to find the right candidates efficiently. With features like job management, application tracking, and offer generation, you can attract, assess, and onboard top talent seamlessly.

  • Streamlined Recruitment Process

  • Simplified Candidate Management

  • Efficient Interview Scheduling

Zoom Meetings


Expand your reach and accessibility with LilyCRM's Multi Lingual module. Translate your CRM application into multiple languages to cater to a broader audience base. With support for languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, and more, you can ensure that your CRM platform resonates with users worldwide, fostering inclusivity and engagement.

  • Enhanced Accessibility

  • Global Reach

  • Multilingual Support


Simplify your procurement process with LilyCRM's Purchasing module. From managing vendor details to creating purchase orders and handling inventory, this module streamlines every aspect of the purchasing workflow. Stay organized, make informed buying decisions, and maintain vendor relationships effectively with this comprehensive purchasing solution.

  • Streamlined Procurement Process

  • Simplified Purchase Order Management

  • Efficient Inventory Tracking


Ensure compliance and streamline your invoicing process with LilyCRM's E-Invoicing module. Designed to meet European e-invoicing regulations, this feature enables businesses to create and handle invoices effortlessly. Generate e-invoices effortlessly, streamline your business transactions, and ensure regulatory conformity for smooth and hassle-free invoicing.

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Effortless Invoice Generation

  • Smooth Transaction Management

Project Roadmaps

Gain valuable insights into project progress and performance with LilyCRM's Project Roadmaps module. Generate detailed reports directly on your dashboard, allowing you to track and analyze project milestones and tasks effectively. With customizable project statuses and advanced filtering options, you can manage CRM projects with enhanced visibility and control, ensuring successful project execution.

  • Detailed Project Reporting

  • Enhanced Project Visibility

  • Customizable Project Management


Enhance your CRM platform's functionality and connectivity with LilyCRM's Webhooks feature. Seamlessly integrate external applications and services to automate workflows and trigger actions based on specific events. With webhooks, you can extend the capabilities of your CRM, improve data synchronization, and optimize business processes for increased efficiency and productivity.

  • Enhanced Automation

  • Seamless Integration

  • Improved Functionality

Projects & Clients

Manage your projects and client relationships efficiently with LilyCRM's Projects & Clients modules. Track work progress, address client queries, and maintain seamless communication throughout the project lifecycle. With features like task segregation, direct messaging integration, and client management tools, you can streamline project management and foster stronger client relationships.

  • Simplified Project Management

  • Enhanced Client Interaction

  • Efficient Work Progress Tracking


Effectively manage audience or customer queries with LilyCRM's Tickets module. Receive, track, and resolve customer issues and discrepancies raised through tickets. From logging tickets to addressing problems promptly, this module ensures that customer queries are handled efficiently, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Streamlined Ticket Management

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Prompt Problem Resolution


Stay organized and never miss an important date with LilyCRM's Events module. Organize and manage crucial events effortlessly with a convenient calendar view. Whether it's scheduling meetings, appointments, or deadlines, this module helps you stay on top of your schedule, ensuring timely and efficient event management.

  • Organized Event Management

  • Simplified Event Planning

  • Enhanced Schedule Management


Gain better control over your financial operations with LilyCRM's Finance module. From managing invoices and payments to tracking expenses and revenue, this comprehensive financial solution provides insights into your business's financial health. Stay informed, make informed financial decisions, and drive business growth with LilyCRM's Finance module.

  • Efficient Financial Management

  • Enhanced Budget Tracking

  • Valuable Financial Insights

Tasks & Time Tracker

Enhance productivity and accountability with LilyCRM's Tasks & Time Tracker modules. Record time taken for each task, segregate tasks based on status, and track progress effectively. Whether it's monitoring project timelines or optimizing resource allocation, these modules empowers teams to manage tasks efficiently and meet deadlines consistently.

  • Improved Task Management

  • Enhanced Time Tracking

  • Streamlined Workflow

HR, CRM Management

Streamline your HR and CRM processes with LilyCRM's HR, CRM Management module. From employee management to customer relationship management, this all-in-one solution centralizes essential HR and CRM functions. With features like employee data management, customer interaction tracking, and performance analytics, you can optimize HR and CRM workflows for better efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Simplified HR Management

  • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management

  • Improved Business Efficiency

Android & Apple Apps

Access your CRM platform anytime, anywhere with LilyCRM's Android and Apple Apps. Stay connected and productive on the go, with mobile apps that offer seamless access to your CRM data and functionalities. Whether you're in the office or on the move, stay informed, collaborate with your team, and manage your business effectively with LilyCRM's mobile apps.

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • On-the-Go Productivity

  • Seamless Mobile Integration

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